Temperature-controlled shipping for refrigerated freight

Temperature-controlled freight demands attention to detail to ensure your products arrive on time and at the specified temperature. From origin to destination, Alkaios employs on-board technology to maintain the proper temperature and provide visibility throughout the route. Whatever your refrigerated load requires, Alkaios has the capacity and technology to move your freight throughout North America.


This mode is ideal if you need:

  • 53′ reefers.
  • 53′ space saver trailers.
  • 48′ reefers.
  • Freeze protected trailers.
  • Dedicated solution for consistent freight.
  • Third-party carriers for spot freight.


Get the refrigerated freight shipping capacity you need

When you need it, we’ve got it. In fact, Alkaios is one of the top temperature-controlled 3PL providers in the industry. Additional refrigerated capacity is available through our vast network of qualified providers.

With capacity throughout North America, we can help you navigate the peaks and valleys in your supply chain.