About Alkaios Transportation

With decades of experience and satisfied customers, we’ve redefined how making logistics easier doesn’t mean cutting corners. No matter the obstacle, our team of dedicated experts can craft a solution to fit your business and keep your bottom line intact.

Founded by Experience.

Alkaios Transportation was founded by a team who have more than 25 years of combined 3PL trucking experience. We started with this goal: to be the trusted, most reliable and cost effective niche capacity resource to our customers in support of their core carrier programs. Alkaios has served thousands of shippers across the United States, including some of the largest shippers in the world. We excel at providing a customer specific solutions.

5 Star Rated

by our Clients

“Alkaios was able to provide the capacity and resources that we needed to keep our customers and plants running through peak season. Their customer service and commitment to our freight has our team assured we are in good and capable hands. I look forward to our future partnership with Alkaios.”

John Harmson

John Harmson

Large US Trucking Co

“For many years Alkaios has been a wonderful transportation partner for us. In a challenging refrigerated market they continue to provide safe, reliable and cost effective capacity and service. We look forward to our continued relationship with Alkaios and would recommend their service.”

James Morris

James Morris

Product Manager for Food Manufacturer

“Most logistic companies try and push full truckload or LTL down your throat. Alkaios sits down and listens to your current challenges and then develops solutions that are custom fit to your business and challenges. Alkaios is the measuring stick that I compare all other logistic companies. From sales to customer service they are best in class.”

Molly Cooper

Molly Cooper

National Foods Brand
John HarmsonLarge US Trucking CoJames MorrisProduct Manager for Food ManufacturerMolly CooperNational Foods Brand

Built through Trust

We’re a principle-based company who conducts business first with an ethics and honesty lens. It’s embedded in everything we do and codified in our company’s core values. As we’ve seen, the trucking industry is rampant with fraud, and we’ve built systems and processes to identify the bad players and eliminate them from our ecosystem.  This is a vital element to our client delivery strategy and something that has been missing from the industry until now.

Alkaios Advantages

We leverage a wide array of proprietary and off the shelf solutions combined to provide our carriers and customers with automation, repeatability, efficiency and accuracy. Our DieselTech system is used to organize our transportation and logistics business, covering all aspects of the shipping ecosystem.

We've also built a sophisticated pricing model based on our knowledge and expertise in the sector as experienced 3PL professionals, leveraging data we've gathered to hone in on the right price.


Our clients know we are dependable, reliable and resilient in ensuring shipments get to where they need to be.

Accurate Shipments

Our clients reach out to us knowing that we're there to help them resolved problems that come up, both quickly and accurately.

24-Hour Support

We're laser-focused on being available for our carriers and customers at all times - in effect, we're literally a phone call, text or email away.
Streamlined Processes

How Alkaios Works

Our team works nearly 24/7 to get our clients' shipments where they need to be no matter what obstacles are in the way. Working with our team is streamlined and straightforward.

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Customers want peace of mind that what they’ve ordered arrives on time, on budget and in pristine condition.  They want to be worry-free that this happens every time. They want exemplary service and problems solved quickly, with no excuses.  That’s Alkaios Transportation.