Logistics Reimagined

Logistics Reimagined

Alkaios Transportation combines industry insight, innovative technology, and committed specialists to optimize your supply chain and streamline costs.

Alkaios Transportation combines industry insight, innovative technology, and committed specialists to optimize your supply chain and streamline costs.

Service. Quality. Foundation - 3PL Done Differently

to and from Anywhere

At Alkaios Transportation we pride ourselves on being a full service brokerage and logistics firm. As one of the top freight brokerages in the United States, we ensure the providers in our vetting system have all the proper qualifications to handle your freight. The very second your shipment is scheduled to begin loading, our team of dispatchers is monitoring it and ensuring everything is moving along as scheduled.

Full Truckload

Anything and every thing over the road, Alkaios can help your supply chain at a moment's notice.

LTL Shipments

Negotiated pricing with the best regional and national LTL carriers to get your shipment there on time.

Specialized Freight

From large to small additional logistics solutions tailored to meet your shipping needs where and when.

Different By Design

There's a Better Way to Ship

We believe in service. That’s why our team is always available to help you get your shipments where they need to be at the best prices and on time.

We provide timely updates for our customers in whatever manner they prefer to receive them. Want an email every hour? You got it! Would you rather get a phone call instead? Say no more! You can also track every shipment you’ve ever done with us through our website. We customize the way we operate around your company to make shipping with us hassle free. Upon delivery, our billing department will track down any necessary paperwork and get it to you right away. Prefer paperless billing? Not a problem!

Alkaios Transportation has a reputation for being the best. With our top-notch carriers, service, technology and always competitive pricing, it’s easy to see why Alkaios has become a leader in the transportation industry!

Pursuing Perfection, Achieving Excellence

Aklaios is a top United States 3PL who specializes in over-the-road full truckload (FTL), and multi-stop loads in any length of haul, nationwide. With over fifteen years of expertise and nearly five hundred thousand shipments arranged you can count on Alkaios Transportation for safe and on-time service.

Shipper Database
Successful Shipments
Years of Experience
We Can

Ship Anything

Logistics is a critical and complex aspect of any major business and with it comes inherent risks and costs. We strive to minimize these risks, while reducing shipping costs, in order to increase our clients' profitability and efficiency.

We have the capacity to assist any industry in their local and national shipping requirements:

  • LTL and Small Freight
  • Boxed Goods Non-Palletized
  • Climate Controlled Shipments
  • Heavy Equipment Freight
  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Full Load Trucking
  • Specialized Hauling
  • Oversized Freight
  • Cars and Equipment
  • Overseas Shipments

Customer Approved

We are top rated and 100% approved by our clients.

“Alkaios was able to provide the capacity and resources that we needed to keep our customers and plants running through peak season. Their customer service and commitment to our freight has our team assured we are in good and capable hands. I look forward to our future partnership with Alkaios.”

John Harmson

John Harmson

Large US Trucking Co

“For many years Alkaios has been a wonderful transportation partner for us. In a challenging refrigerated market they continue to provide safe, reliable and cost effective capacity and service. We look forward to our continued relationship with Alkaios and would recommend their service.”

James Morris

James Morris

Product Manager for Food Manufacturer

“Most logistic companies try and push full truckload or LTL down your throat. Alkaios sits down and listens to your current challenges and then develops solutions that are custom fit to your business and challenges. Alkaios is the measuring stick that I compare all other logistic companies. From sales to customer service they are best in class.”

Molly Cooper

Molly Cooper

National Foods Brand
John HarmsonLarge US Trucking CoJames MorrisProduct Manager for Food ManufacturerMolly CooperNational Foods Brand


We provide safe, reliable, cost-effective capacity, along with a database of hundreds of qualified shippers. Our commitment to safety and service paired with our strict carrier guidelines, fast response time, 24x7 “live” customer service and cost-efficient full truckload and multi-stop capacity nationwide, are why Alkaios Transportation is one of the nation's top 3PL's.

Location Independent

We provide transportation solutions all over the world.

Load Assurance

Your shipment is guaranteed through service and third party commitments.

24-Hour Support

Our team is available to you instantly and around the clock.

On-Time Delivery

Finding the right transportation solution guarantees on-time deliveries.

Easy Billing

Bills are easy to understand and flexible for how you need them.

Detailed Tracking

Track all of your shipments quickly and easily through our team or systems.

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With hundreds of shipments picked up each week, wherever you want to go as a freight carrier, we have a load to get you there. Our experienced team is working 24/7 to make sure every aspect of your shipment runs smoothly. Alkaios works with carriers of all sizes, from small owner operators to the largest carriers, and we have the solutions to grow your business. Your dependable transportation service is what keeps us charging forward.


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From booking to communications, to payment: FreightCo helps you transport freight faster, cheaper, safer, and easier, so you can stay focused on your business.

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